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2012 US Presidential Elections: Primaries and Caucuses

by Marcus Hildebrandt — last modified 2012-01-16 16:02 Share

Primaries and Caucuses: How Do Parties Choose a Candidate?

(NB: When opening links, right-click on them and choose "Open Link in New Tab".)

1.    Go to the following website and read the overview of the primary system and about the differences between primaries and caucuses:


2.    Once you have done that, go to the student handout and alone or with a partner find the answers:


3.    Then read about this year’s Iowa caucuses:


4.    As Barack Obama is running for re-election, he’s the Democrats’ only candidate. To learn about the Republican’s candidates, read here:


Interviews with the Republicans’ candidates (video)

5.    Key to the handout (no. 2 ) (Please check only after you have done no. 2.)

Watch the video above carefully. It concentrates on caucuses, but at 3:00 there's a link to primaries in the video.