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How to create presentations in LeMill

by Jukka Purma — last modified 2011-01-08 05:56
group: Making TAIK more accessible – DfA workshop 2007
This is originally from group's discussion forum.

  1. In Content-section, choose New Content (left sidebar) -> New learning resource -> Presentation.
  2. Now you see the edit page. First thing to do is add a title. Just some title will do, you can change it later, but because we can have several presentations in creation at the same time, they need some unique identifier.
  3. Now you should prepare your material. If you're going to put your PowerPoint or Keynote-presentation here, you need to save it as images. Png:s are the most recommended format, Jpg:s second. Depending on program, there should either be 'save as'-option where you can save it as images or 'export' that does the same. The result should be that you have 'slide01.png', 'slide02.png', 'slide03.png' or something like that in your computer.
  4. Or if you're creating an all new presentation from your photos or something, just make sure you know where the image files are.
  5. If you are uploading lots of slides (case 3), then click 'Upload many slides'-button. This takes to slide uploader-page, where you see many 'Choose file'-buttons. Fill the first five with corresponding image files. You can add more slides with corresponding button, but it is better to test with first five and then add more. When files are chosen, click 'Upload files'. Thumbnails of your slides should appear next to buttons. Clicking 'Add more slides' adds five empty slots. When all of your slides are uploaded (ignore empty slots at the end or slides at the wrong order), click 'Edit presentation'. This should take back to the edit screen, with slides on their place.
  6. (case 4). In edit screen you can choose empty slide slot and click edit to reveal upload -buttons. Here you can either choose a image file from your computer to add to this slot or search from Pieces (image files uploaded to LeMill) for picture. Searching works best with tags, f. ex. 'nature' or 'cats'.
  7. In edit screen you can also move slides around and remove them with corresponding buttons. You can add captions to slides by clicking 'edit' of that slide. This way you are editing only one slide at time, but feel free to open another before saving, it does save it automatically. 'Save' button in slide frame is only to give you comfort. :)
  8. After you're done, click Save at the bottom of the page.
  9. Now you see the 'other information page'. Fill it as you like, but most important thing here is the 'Assign resource to group' -section. There should be a list of all groups that you belong to. Select it so that the presentation is visible as your group's resource.

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