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Sea Climatic Changes

by Mirella Iacopi — last modified 2011-01-08 14:55
group: Pilot: International OER Exchange

Project Title

Sea Climatic Changes  


Matteo Garofano – Roberta Buratti – Luca Tasso - Mirella Iacopi – Paola Barenghi - Gabriella Massone


  • Portofino Marine Area
  • Institute of Marine Sciences ISMAR of CNR (Research Section of Marine Technologies- Research Area of Genoa; Department of Sea Fishing- Ancona
  • University of Genoa
  • Muvita Museum of Arenzano - Genoa


Grade Level

Secondary High School

Time Estimate

50 hours

Subject Area

Science and Technology



English - Italian

Type of Project

  • Search for information and data relating to measurement of atmospheric temperature (air) and water temperature (sea) in the province of Genoa
  • Analysis of data provided by ISMAR of CNR relating to the connection between climate changes and migration of fish species into  the Mediterranean
  • Meeting between students and staff of Muvita for face – to face lessons and laboratory activity in their Science Centre concerning climate/climatic changes
  • Real example: heating-cooling system of the church buildings of S. Maria Assunta in Camogli ( a town 20 Km from Genoa)
  • Direct measurements of sea temperature along the Ligurian coast, data collection and analysis
  • preparation of short lesson, by the students, addressed to younger schoolfellows

Project Description

  • Active search for scientific information about climatic changes
  • Variation of sea temperature: research by students of main causes and possible uses
  • Study of situation of Ligurian Sea: analysis of the temperature variations with special attention to measuring method and where to measure (shadow, sun, depth, coinciding times)
  • Preparation of a Power Point file addressed to younger students.

Source of Scientific Data

  • Weather station of the School
  • Muvita  Museum of Arenzano (Genoa)
  • Sheltered Marine Area of Portofino
  • ISMAR (Institute of Marine Sciences) of CNR
  • Experimental measurements of the students


  • team work
  • laboratory activities
  • meeting with experts
  • active research by the students

Key Words

Climate Change Exchange, Sea temperature, overheating,renewable energies



Scientific question(s) for investigation

  • What are the variations in sea temperature all over the world and particularly in the Ligurian Sea?
  • What are the causes and effects of these variations?
  • Validity limits of experimental measurements
  • What effect can this study have?


Learning Objectives

  • To know the main physic quantities necessary to study phenomena connected to climatic changes
  • To collect experimental data, analyze and elaborate them using ICT
  • To prepare a lesson to present what was studied
  • To increase the attention for the enviromental problem to improve the knowledge of the English language
  • To learn team- and project working


Prior Knowledge
  • They know the basic elements of physics and chemistry
  • They can take measurements in laboratory, analyze the characters of instruments and obtain the errors in measurements
  • They can elaborate experimental data
  • They use the Net to obtain information


Materials Needed

  • thermometer
  • PC
  • scientific articles



  • Data collection through the Internet, data-base of Institutes of Research, field measurements
  • To awaken students to the problems of climatic change and its influence on marine ecosystem
  • Contact with the Province and Municipality of Genoa, Research Institute and University
  • Preparation of lessons and presentation of the results of the work


  • Evaluation of the engagement and partecipation to the project
  • Final questionnaires