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ზეზვა და მზია-გაკვეთილის გეგმა

by ciuri zakhalashvilig — last modified 2011-01-08 15:33 Share

გაკვეთილის მთავარი თემა

Are you sure that the oldest European ancestors might have lived in Georgia?

სწავლების საფეხური.


The pupils are in the 12th grade There are 14 pupils in my group.

Tsiuri Zakhalashvili

მოსწავლეთა პროფილი.

Their ability is equal. There are no disabled pupils.

გაკვეთილის მნიშვნელობა/ აქტუალობა.

The lesson is about the discovery of two skulls in Dmanisi ,which were called Mzia and Zezva.The skulls didn't look like the skulls of any human evar found outside Afrika. In this skull the spase for the brain was much smaller than in other skhulls. And the brain must have been only half as big as that of a modern human's

გაკვეთილის მიზნები და შედეგები.

ინტერნეტის საშუალებით ინფორმაციის მოძიება და მთავარი ინფორმაციის დამუშავება, ლექსიკური მარაგის გამდიდრება ,წერის კულტურის გაუმჯობესება, თემატიკის მიხედვით სურათის აღწერა.

წინასწარი ცოდნა.

What do we know beforhand about Dmanisi and it's archeological site?We know that Dmanisi is a small town situated about 80 kilometers South-West of Tbilisiand some distance from the original Dmanisi which was bult at the top of a hill formed by the Mashavvera and Pinezauri rivers which meet there.Old Dmanisi is uninhabited but it has been a populer and picturesque plase for visitors, who come to see the early medieval church and the viev of the two valleys below from the ruins of the old fortress. It has a number of historikal sites. As once it was an important stopping point on the Silk Route between Byzantium and Persia. Nowadays Dmanisi has become more widejy known as the plase,where ouroldest Eoropean ancestors might have lived

შეფასების საგანი და პროცედურები.

მოსწავლეთა წარმატებას დავადგენ ინდივიდუალური და ჯგუფური გამოკითხვით.

სასწავლო მასალა და ტექნიკური რესურსები.

სკოლის სახელმძღვანელო ,კომპიუტერი

პროექტორი , ვიდეო, სურათები

გაკვეთილის მსვლელობა/საკლასო მენეჯმენტი

Since the early ninties, there have been many important discoveries at the Dmanisi archeological site.Perhaps the most astonishing one was made in 2003 year by Dato Zhvania an archeologist. One day Dato was working at the site as usual digging carefully with his hands in the dry dusty earth.When suddenly fent something smooth and rounded under his fingers. He knew immediately that what he had found was made of bone and when he lifted the objekt out of the earth, he saw that it waz a skull-a well preserved whole human skull. What Dato didn't know -was that it waz the slull of the most ancient human being ever found in Europe. Scientists estimate that the skull is probably 1.8 million years old. Almost as ancient as the world's oldest skull which was found in Africa.

We want to know more details about the first Europeans-about Mzia and Zezva. (video.)


I want you to make two groups. Imagine that there is a director among you and the assistants of Georgian Museum and you want to exhibit the new diskovery of Dmanisi Zezva da Mzia at the Metropolitan Museam in New York.

You are the second group. Imagine that among you there is the chief archeologist and his assistants and you are against to send the skulls.

Act out a conversation. Then chooze two people who would debate in front of us and we will see who can give us the best arguments.

  1. I want you to try to use some phrases: international experience,
  2. Special arrengements
  3. For keeping things safe.
  4. Take things seriously.
  5. Security measures.
  6. To share experience.