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Group: LeMill development

This group is open for all people who are interested in LeMill development.

The actual site for LeMill development is http://lemill.org/trac/ , but because of spam bots, you cannot do much there without account. Leave a note here if you want to participate there.

development, open source, lemill, trac

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TopicStarted byLast postPosts
LeMill FAQ / Web page Tarmo Toikkanen 51 months ago 1
Searching and browsing Jeffrey Earp 106 months ago 0
Problems with LeMill Iztok Kavkler 116 months ago 2
LeMill version 2.0 Jukka Purma 118 months ago 7
What new features you would like to see in LeMill? Teemu Leinonen 118 months ago 0
LeMill version 2.2.3 - More optimization Jukka Purma 119 months ago 1
Discussion about Open eLearning Content Noura Raslan 120 months ago 1
LeMill server performance Tarmo Toikkanen 122 months ago 3
Discussion about Embedding external content to LeMill Teemu Leinonen 123 months ago 2
Polluting the methods section Teemu Leinonen 123 months ago 0
Italian section? Stefano Floris 124 months ago 1
Discussion about How to get my work on LeMill front page? Jukka Purma 124 months ago 2
Discussion about How to use mathematical formulas in LeMill Hans Põldoja 124 months ago 3
Too much space! (And how to fix it.) Jukka Purma 124 months ago 1
LeMill 2.0 release candidate 1 Jukka Purma 125 months ago 0
Ideas, news and stuff Teemu Leinonen 125 months ago 2
We are looking for "community gardeners"? Teemu Leinonen 126 months ago 9
New version, 1.13 Jukka Purma 126 months ago 2
Strategies to reach the "critical mass" Teemu Leinonen 127 months ago 2
LeMill updated, v. 1.12 Jukka Purma 128 months ago 0
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