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LeMill version 2.2.3 - More optimization

by Jukka Purma — created on 2008-01-15 19:25 Share

Happy new year!

Our year started with intense LeMill optimization. We have found ways to test server performance and found some weak spots, some of which were really bad and some our fault, some not. The optimization we have done is not 'fine tuning', but rewriting some parts so that they are 5-20 times faster. We hope you can feel the effect. We'll be following the performance closely and fixing weak spots when we see them.

One other thing worth noticing, and very much related to speed issues, is that browsing results and search results are limited to show only languages that we guess that the user wants. This guess is based on following:

* Obviously if you select 'browse by language' from front-page you get results by that language.
* Otherwise, the language you have chosen for user interface (links at top left corner) is the main language.
* Also languages you have selected in your personal information are selected.

Usually this should result as more relevant results for you, but sometimes it can mean that some popular-looking tag gives you no results. This is because results are in language which you've not using, and if you really want to check what it is, try guessing the language of result and choose that from top left corner's language links.



Posted by Gábor Kaposi at 2008-03-20 16:30