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LeMill version 2.0

by Jukka Purma — created on 2007-10-01 17:13 Share

Last friday we released LeMill version 2.0, an 'official release' that will be used to evaluate the CALIBRATE project. The development will concentrate on bug fixing, stability and general hanging around and watching for community for next few weeks. Again, tell us if you find problems.

(Already fixed one, after editing a content's about page it redirected to strange empty page.)

And now round of applause for everyone who participated in making LeMill!



Posted by Jukka Purma at 2007-10-01 18:48

Bugfix thursday: updated to LeMill 2.0.1.

  • Instead of sending registration emails, now humanity of registrars is checked with captcha, which means wobbly text that machines can't read.
  • Annoying 'this title is already in use' messages are removed. There can be multiple resources with same titles.
  • Fixed few bugs in parsing mixed html and plain text pages.
  • Numerous minor fixes.

Posted by Jukka Purma at 2007-10-11 19:33

Dear Developers,

we - Andrea and me – tried to use the LeMill. Registration and so on. Some interesting facts:

1. After the registration she made a group. (Group for validation moderators.) She tried to invite me to the team but it was impossible. Error message: … record object … I do not remember exactly because we was connected by phone. We solved the problem: I joined to Andrea’s group.
2. She tried to make a collection of LO’s, but she could not do it. When she visited one LO, she tried to use the “add to collection” button on section. But after that she could not make a new collection. I tried it in my computer also and everything was ok. I saw my older collections and at bottom of the section there was an option: “… or add it a new collection” There was an text input field and I could make a new collection. But Andrea cold not do it. (We tried it more the twice!)
3. Interesting that the name of Hungarian participants changeable. It means that some name starts with the family name and some starts with the Christian name. (The normal sequence is in Hungary: Family name and after that the Christian name.) I suppose, this phenomenon depend on the registration time. My registration was made in 2005.

We know that this is the test phase. So you need feedback.
Thank you your attention.

Posted by Balázs Török at 2007-10-12 19:18

I see a media piece (a picture in .jpg format) and I try to open a discussion about it but it was impossible. I get en error message. If I try it in the case of a web LO (text+picture) it was OK.

Posted by Balázs Török at 2007-10-13 01:04

Thanks for comments. The designers have not yet agreed that there should be discussions for media pieces and that link shouldn't have been there. We removed it and let's see how they decide with it. I'll try to reproduce problems 1, 2 and 3 and come back later.

Posted by Jukka Purma at 2007-10-18 17:51

In Hungary the LeMill seems a little bit slow. I mesured 6442 kb/sec to Frankfurt but in the LeMill I had to wait 4-6 sec for server-answer when I wanted to browse the people in LeMill Community. When I tried to demonstrate the LeMill system for 20 pedagogical staff in a computer room the system was slow. I had to wait 20-30 sec for the server-answer. Best, Balazs Torok

Posted by Balázs Török at 2007-10-30 12:12

I hope these problems related to the speed of the service are now solved as the service is no more hosted in our research groups' seerver room but in a professional data-center in Germany.

Posted by Teemu Leinonen at 2008-05-01 22:31