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New version, 1.13

by Jukka Purma — created on 2007-08-17 17:17 Share

LeMill is updated to new version. We have two major visible changes and one internal change:

Let's mill around.


Jukka, you forgot one new feature. Now it is possible to have a discussion on each learning resource, method and tool. The discussion link is in the actions portlet.

Posted by Hans PƵldoja at 2007-08-17 18:20

Yes, forgot about it. And while developing that feature, we forgot to decide how these discussions should behave for anonymous users. :) Noticed that the links were visible, but creation of (empty) discussion by anonymous user fails, so I patched discussion link to be hidden when not logged in.

Posted by Jukka Purma at 2007-08-18 00:21