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Strategies to reach the "critical mass"

by Teemu Leinonen — created on 2007-07-09 16:06 Share

I have been thinking how could we activate the LeMill community. Here are my suggestions:

1) Do learning material
All the LeMill developers should work on their own learning material in the LeMill. This is a good way to get a first hand experience how it feels to work with it. This will also result as quality content (In know that you are good in your own topics!)

2.) Starting up and managing new learning material projects
We could also try to start-up new learning material creation projects on some of the most common curriculum topics, such as "geography", "biology", "history" etc. To make them suitable for some school level we should have a look of the existing materials (copying is of course wrong, but you know what I mean….)

3.) Grouping / inviting people to the projects
Now the invite to a group feature works. We should use it and invite different kind of content and media (images, videos etc) experts to the groups working with the learning material projects.

Please, let me know what do you think about this?


Good ideas. I'm actually focusing now on the Methods section, writing short synapses of various advanced pedagogical techniques and methods.

Posted by Tarmo Toikkanen at 2007-07-10 18:29

Hi Teemu - when we tried something similar (years ago, but I suspect the overall theme would still work) we concentrated on
1) providing good content and new content regularly - to attract people
2) easy ways to participate and engage - to keep them there
3) encouragement and support to create content - which moved members from "getting" to "engaging" to "creating" reducing the need to create content centrally and allowing us to focus on the "gardening" that you speak of.


BTW I don't work schools but my main interest is in methods and tools anyway so I'll focus on those re content/contributions.

Posted by Rose Grozdanic at 2007-08-02 17:48