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Write the correct form of the adjective.


1. My dad is (short) than your dad. Susan`s dad is (short) of them three.
2. My doll is (pretty). Your doll is (pretty) than my doll. Susan has (pretty) doll in our class.
3. Those earrings are as (expensive) as my bike.
4. Mary is a (good) student than I am. Tom is (good) student in our class.
5. Jack is (clever) boy I know.
6. This is a very (simple) sentence. I could even say that this is (simple) sentence in this test.
7. My bed is (comfortable) than the bed in this hotel.
8. This playground is (large) than the other one.
9. I am really (happy). I am (happy)girl in our street.
10. My uncle is a very (handsome) man. My dad is even (handsome).
11. Tartu is (big) than Rakvere. Tallinn is (big) town in Estonia.
12. History is quite (difficult)for me. English is even (difficult). Maths is (difficult) subject.


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