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iTEC Detailed Scenario – Cycle 1





To achieve traditional learning

objectives through exciting

means, while developing

independent learners


The students go out to explore

the school grounds tasked with a

problem or challenge. They

have to either capture authentic

data, or explore how concepts

can be applied in the real world.

Ms Rossi, a science teacher, has been liaising with the geography teacher and they

have noticed that their students need to develop a more in depth understanding of

the local natural environment and wildlife. Ms Rossi has also noticed that although

her class works well as individuals, they would benefit from more group learning.

She decides to get the group to work collaboratively on a problem based activity to

do with nature and the local environment. When deciding on a specific activity for the

class she liaises with the geography teacher to ensure the chosen activity could also

support learning in geography. She sets her class the challenge of finding out why

the population of ladybirds has decreased in the school grounds over the last year.

Carmen, a student, goes outside with her group to collect real data to help the class’s

investigation. Each group member has a different role and a different instrument to

capture authentic data. Carmen uses her mobile phone to capture images of the

areas where most ladybirds live, whilst others in the group record the temperature

and survey habitats. Ms Rossi lets the students work together in groups so she can

take the role of observer and coach. This helps her understand what skills the

students need to practice. She notes down what skills the students need to develop

to help her design future learning activities. She realises the group need more

training on using instruments without disturbing wildlife, and also how to set specific

group goals.

After gathering a series of photos Carmen comes back to class with her group and

they share their data and findings with each other. They get some specific support

from Ms Rossi on how to use a software package to draw conclusions from the

iTEC Detailed Scenario – Cycle 1

group’s numerical data. Having drawn their conclusions, the group choose to create

a short film from their photos and data to share their findings with other students in

the class. They work together using laptops and a web tool to create a short digital

film explaining what they found. Carmen and another student upload their photos

while the rest of the group write a script to present their findings. They each record a

part of the presentation script and use the automatic editing software on the web tool

to create the film. This film is posted on the school’s learning platform for the class to

view for homework, and also for students in a geography class, who are doing similar

work, to comment on. The group also decide to post it on the public area of the

learning platform so they can show their parents/carers when they get home.


Internet enabled mobile devices, learning platform, cameras (could be a mobile

phone), film editing software, spreadsheet or other numeric analysis software

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