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Healthy Diet

by Svatava Olbrechtová — last modified 2011-01-08 05:55
group: Czech Mill

Jméno a příjmení: Mgr. Svatava Olbrechtová
E-mail: svatava.olbrechtova@seznam.cz
Země: CR
Název lekce: Healthy Diet
Klíčová slova (záměr, obsah, kompetence či jiná důležitá vlastnost vaší aktivity): calibrate, food, healthy meal, nutrition, Plate Model
Předmět: English language
Věk vašich žáků: 17
Věkový rozsah použitelnosti lekce: 15-19
Název použitého LO(název v LRE, URL, země původu): a Healthy Meal http://www.edu.fi/oppimateriaalit/healthy_meal/ , Finnland
LO prohlížená během přípavy (název v LRE, URL, země původu): UP To You http://www.bbc.co.uk/northernireland/schools/4_11/uptoyou/ , UK
Doba trvání lekce: 45min
Jméno školy: Mendlova SŠ, OA Šenov u Nového Jičína
Popis lekce:


I have found this LO in cross cultural education, as the subject concerns both English and Biology.

It was a starting lesson on the topic of food and healthy diet. The aim of the lesson was to introduce the ss new vocabulary on the topic and confront them with certain ideas of healthy eating.

  1. The ss had in their books a chart concerning basic nutrients (fat, carbohydrates etc.) and their task was to think of concrete examples (butter, bread etc).
  2. Next, the ss had to describe what a healthy and unhealthy eating is in terms of nutrients and give examples of healthy meals of the day.
  3. The ss visited http://www.edu.fi/oppimateriaalit/healthy_meal/ website, where they read briefly some information about healthy nutrition and so-called Plate Model. Then first, they tried to prepare lunch for a certain person, given their age, sex, special needs etc. The programme then evaluated their choice. Second, the ss simulated their typical or usual or most favourite lunch and let the programme evaluate their own choice.
  4. Finally, the ss had to compare their original ideas about healthy diet with what they learned from the website.

In my opinion, the aims of the lesson were covered, as the ss first learned basic vocabulary of chosen topic and used it practically. Also, they were made to think about their own eating habits. The ss used English all the time of the lesson.

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