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Introduction: What is New Media?

by Teemu Leinonen, Hans Põldoja, Gábor Kaposi, Jukka Purma, Riina Vuorikari — last modified 2011-03-23 15:19
group: History of New Media

The resource is not ready. The original texts by: Andrea Botero Teemu Leinonen .


If we want to understand the extent, significance and nuances of the New Media, historical perspectives on it are useful. By having a look of the history we might understand how we came here and draw conclusions on where to go.

What ever you are interested in to apply ICT (Information and Communication Technology) as a space and material for design or as a medium for artistic expression it is helpful to know, not only some basic facts about technology, but also the circumstances that produced them.

When studying the history of New Media we may ask the following questions:

New Media is a multidisciplinary and multiperspective field. This course is intended to generate a share understanding between professionals of some of the phenomena related to New Media. The objective is to discover some shared vocabulary and common ground.

In addition to the online material the New Media Reader book is recommended.


What is New Media?

New Media is not one. We may claim that, there are three converging and overlapping themes:

  1. Computing - Information Processing,

  2. Media (format - content - genres) and

  3. Networked communication.

When these are overlaping we are close to the core of New Media.
As a way to introduce 3 converging or overlapping areas that present aspects of "New Media" we will take a look to a New Media Timeline with some milestones from each of the three.

Google give several interesting definitions with the search define:"New Media . You may also want to have a look of the Wikipedia article about New Media and maybe edit it.

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New Media in Numbers

Now when we have several conpcetions of New Media, we may take a look of some scale and importance of technology and practices closely related to these. A short tour into some numbers may help us to clarify the scale.

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