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Activity 2 «Collecting data outside of school»

by Virginija Birenienė — last modified 2011-04-26 12:47
group: iTEC (Innovative Technologies for an Engaging Classroom)

Students go outside of school to collect data. This data can be either in the form of multimedia, or scientific observations. Either the entire class may go, or only some of them.

Learning outcomes




Reasons for using technology


Required time


Present examples of collecting data in the field to students. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of media with the students.

Let the students try out and practice using the information gathering devices.

Group discussion about the data that they need to gather to support their topic.

Deciding on where outside to collect data at, what data to collect and how to document the findings.

Each team can document a status report about their team’s decisions (see activity 7).

Teams collect data outside and investigate. They may share their data to others as they collect it (see activity 9).

While the students are outside, the teacher or guardian takes notes of the team work progress and on what could be improved or practiced further.

After data collection, the students may create a multimedia presentation of their findings (see activity 10).


Technology support

TeamUP, VLE, Promethean IWB, mobile camera phones, netbooks/laptops, pens, notebooks, paper

Technical details




excursion, data collection, outdoors



cycle 1, scenario, itec


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