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Extinct organisms (summing up lesson)

by ნინო მღებრიშვილი — last modified 2011-03-05 18:50 Share

Theme of the lesson

Extinct organisms (summing up lesson)

Teaching step and grade

IV grade

Integrated subjects, name-surname of the teacher

Nature --- Nino Mghenbrishvili

Number of students


Number and profile of students of special needs  


Goals of the lesson (according to the subjects)

History of nature

  Students describes the living cycle of organism, discusses extinct organisms.

  Development of presentation, collaboration skills, logical mind. 

  Development of group works skills and logical mind, discussion with logical arguments and justification.

  Strengthening mutual collaboration skills and getting used to listening and respecting other’s opinions.


Students will be able to develop their skills of using history; they will be able to use these resources.


foreseen by the national curriculum

History of Nature

IV.1.student describes living cycle of organism

  Searches for similarities and differences between stages of living cycles of various organisms.

IV.2. student discusses the extinct organisms

  Gathers information about the extinct organisms and expresses their opinions about the reasons of their extinction.  Finds similarities and differences between fossils and modern organism on illustrations.

IV. 3. Student matches adaptation features and subsistence environment of living organism.

  Observes and describes animals’ external signs, which helps them for adaptation into the environment.

  Describes behavior of animals and explains their meanings in adaptation into the environment.  



Uses interaction devices with 

* uses IN (mouse, keyboard) and OUT (monitor) devices for successful functioning of history means.

*uses history means for the activities given by the teacher.

*uses internet recourses for the correspondent age group.


I. activity

  At the beginning of the lesson, children will be acquainted with the goal of the summing up lesson “Extinct Organisms” The activity will be the challenge. The group will be given tests , in which they should match the words to the correspondent pictures. Each correct answer will be given one point. showing the correct answers with projector (time: 5 min)

II. activity

To analyze the studied material, I use the method of question-answer . Each correct answer is given one point.

· How the oceans and seas appeared on the earth?

· Where the first living organisms appeared?

· The scientist, who studies the fossils?

· How the fossils are distinguished from each other?

· What can be learned from teeth and foot prints of fossils?

· Why the dinosaurs were extinct?

· How were big dinosaurs protecting their children from enemies?

· From the oldest reptiles, whose descendant sill lives on the earth?

(time 10 min)

III. activity

The group will be given crosswords . Each correct answer will be given one point. At the end of the activity,correct version f the crossword will be shown with project for checking the results. (time 10 min)

IV. activity

Each group will be given passels for construction: first group – “dinosaurs eating meat“, second group “dinosaurs eating grass“, third group „flying dinosaurs“, fourth group „mammon“ . The group will be given one point for their correct construction of the passel.

(time 5 min)

V. activity

Showing videos  ( time 10 min )

Pair Internet games for development:

(time 5 min)

· http://www.kidsdinos.com/dinosaur-games/index.php

· http://www.kidsdinos.com/dinosaur-games/dinosaur-match.php

·  http://www.kidsdinos.com/dinosaur-games/dinosaur-classify.php


light signal for estimation

Class management/educational resources 



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