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Making concept maps

by Tarmo Toikkanen, Hans PƵldoja, Teemu Leinonen — last modified 2011-11-30 19:07 Share

Concept mapping is a technique for representing knowledge in form of networks of concepts. Concept mapping can be used, for instance:

Concept maps are diagrams that include concepts , which are connected to other concepts by linking phrases . Unlike mind-maps, concept maps are often considered to be easier to understand by others, and are less ambiguous than the mindmaps.

For making concept maps you may simply use paper and pen. If you are working on a concept map with a group of people (collaborative concept map) you may use Post-it notes and a whiteboard. Add concepts to one colour notes, draw links between the concepts, and write linking phrases to notes with another colour and finallly add them to the top of the link lines.

If you want to create concept maps with computers you may try out CMapTools software.

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