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Study Project / Project Learning

by Teemu Leinonen, Kylli Kaasik, Andrea Botero, Jean-Marie Gilliot — last modified 2011-01-09 03:46
group: group and project learning, collaboration

Study project / project-based learning is a way of teaching and learning where the study work is done in a project. The method is common among science, art and design teaching but can be used in many other topics as well.

In a study project / project-based learning, there are several stages that are implemented in a certain sequence. The six steps carried out are:

1. Defining the project

2. Generating ideas

2. Identify Work and planning the project

3. Hands-on work to gain the results or products planned

4. Disseminating and communicating the results of the project

5. Evaluating the results of the project

project, collaboration, art, desing, group work


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