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Sun system – Summing up lesson

by ნინო მღებრიშვილი — last modified 2011-03-05 19:12 Share

Lesson Plan

Sun system – Summing up lesson

Studying stage and grade

III  grade , I step

Integrated Subjects, name and surname of



Name and surname of teacher




Nino Mghebrishvili

Number of students


Number and profile of the students with special needs


Goals of the lessons (according to the subjects)

History of Nature

1. students will sum up the knowledge with characterization of sun system

2. development of presentation and collaboration skills

3. development of group work skills

4. development of logical mind

6. They will search and create history about the planets

7. They will strengthen mutual collaboration skills and getting used to listening and respecting other’s opinions.


Georgian language

1. creation of texts of simple fiction;

2. matching the name to the story given by the teacher;

3. using special vocabulary while writing the simple fiction stories;

4. creation of logical ideas according to the gained knowledge;

5. Keep the order and use of means of arts (epithet, comparison);

6. Keep grammatical norms and rules of punctuation marks.


Drawing the lines, ornaments studied with the help of internet games correctly and receiving the picture relevant to the theme of the lesson.


The student will be able to develop the skills of using history; they will be able to use the web recourses.


ეროვნული   სასწავლოგეგმით   განსაზღვრულიმისაღწევიშედეგი / ინდიკატორები

History of nature

III.8. student is able to characterize sun system in simple way

* using illustrations and simply characterizing sun system (e.g. size of planets, distance from sun, etc...);

* creating stories on planets;

* describes equipments and means of transport, which is used for traveling to cosmos.

Georgian language

III.3. student uses the main language and grammatical means.

*using special vocabulary for speaking theme

III.4. student independently (loudly/silently) reads and understands various texts on familiar subjects.  

*foreign words are familiar for student and can describe them.

* understands and explains the given crossword and fulfills various types of merry exercises.

III.10. student independently creates small texts and is able to say logical ideas.

*creates small texts of various genre (fairy tale, story);

*uses new words and phrases while creation simple texts;

III. 11. Student correctly uses the main grammatical elements while text creation.

* Uses punctuation marks correctly .



III.1. student uses several elements and principles of art while creation of their own artwork.

* creates factors in artworks (with various types of listening)

III.3. student observes the object in the environment and describes it in artwork.

* describes object or characteristic features with drawing in mind


Uses interaction devices with history

* uses IN (mouse, keyboard) and OUT (monitor) devices for successful functioning of history means.

*uses internet recourses for the correspondent age group


I Activity

At the beginning of the lesson, children will be acquainted with the goal of the summing up lesson on sun system.

For breaking the ice (as there are foreign people in the class) children will be offered motivation activity “friendship”.

  • Children standing in cycle
  • Teacher explains the rules, that the word “friendship” should be pronounces in the following way:
  • First-second syllable should be pronounced by everyone turn by turn till the last child;
  • When the last child pronounces first and the second syllable, children will pronounce third and fourth syllable all together.
  • Teacher will finish the game with saying that sounds never lost, they go to cosmos. So, our “friendship” went to endless space, to cosmos.  

 (time 2min)

II.  Activity

We use question-answer method for analyze the studied material 

  • What is the name of planet, on which we live?
  • In which star family is planet earth?
  • What is the name of this family?
  • In which galactic appears sun family?
  • How many stars are in galactic?
  • What is star?
  • Which are starts in sun system?
  • What is the name of sun arise in earth? Done?
  • Is planet earth star?
  • Name the sun system planets
  • What kind of other cosmic bodies appears in sun system in cosmos

(time 5 min)

III. Activity

3. group work:

  • Group work, development internet game from  nasakids. (each groups will receive as many points as many questions they will answer correctly).

(time 8 min)

IV.  Activity

slideshow- „sun system“  while the main slide, children will be given the questions:

  • Which space bodies appears to be the nearest to the earth?
  • How crater appears on moon?
  • How does moon shine?

video-„first steps on moon“

(time 3 min)


V.  activity

Groups are given papers with crosswords, and correspondent questions. (Each group will receive as many points, as many questions they will answer correctly).

(time 5 min)


VI. აქტივობა

Slideshow-„Galactics“  the slideshow will cause children’s cognition to be enlarged (they will be provoked to create small text).

(time 2 min)


VII. activity

Teacher’s speech ---how the natural events are reflected in artistic imagination of human what does artistic imagination and scientific mind mean, that scientific mind is founded on facts and events, but artistic imagination – on imagination. (They will be provoked to create small text).

The groups are given theme to write short story: "sun and sun children". (presentation)

( time 10 min)


VIII. activity

Developing internet games in pars:

  http://childtopia.com/index.php?module=homefunc=dibuja     (they have to chose their space machine )

but for those who is able to use mouse, keyboard, using internet according to their age grups, will be able to fulfill additional recources from internet for their development:



(time 10 min)



  • At the end of the lesson, I will put the following question to the students:

How do you like the lesson?


Class management

11 computer, projector

III grade textbook : nature (G. Kvantaliani)

Internet recourses:




Creative Commons License