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The favourite activity of my people

by marina gamcemlidze — last modified 2011-04-10 12:54
group: Educational projects between Georgia and Estonia

The title of the project: The favourite activity of my people

Teacher's surname : Mari Gamtsemlidze

Name of the school: public school 144, Tbilisi, Georgia

subject area: elementary school subjects

age and number of students: 10 students - Grade III, 8 students - Grade X-XI

project language: English

project aim:
- To make Georgian and Estonian students friends.
- To get Estonian students to know the ancient activity of Georgian people-viticulturing and wine-growing.
- To make students differenciate the things connected with vine and picking grapes.

short description of e-tools for cooperation:
day 1:
The students of grade X-XI with the help of the English teacher Anna Darsavelidze will show the video to their Estonian friends. With the help of slide show they will retell them the history of vine and describe the process of pressing grapes.
(Parallelly the Estonian students do the same work)
Day 2-3:
The photos taken by the students of Grade III will be sent to the Estonian students and they should guess for what each thing was used during the vintage.
Day 4:
the pictures with the correct answers will be sent to the mates and they will compare the right ones to their versions.
Day 5:
summing up of the project.

electronical means for collaboration:
presentation, video, pictures, e-mail.

e-mail: marigamco@gmail.com


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