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Tips for writing an opinion essay

by სოფიო მგალობლიშვილი — last modified 2012-06-01 22:30 Share

Possible plan  for the essay:

Paragraph 1:introduction       

A general statement /rhetorical question

Qualifying the argument

Paragraph 2:Advantages


Advantage 1:reason_______specific example

Advantage 2: reason_______specific example

Paragraph 3: disadvantages:

disadvantage 1:reason_______specific example

disadvantage 2: reason_______specific example

Paragraph 4: conclusion

Summing up/ Balancing the argument

Your overall point of view


Phrases  for  introducing the topic

First of all I’d like to say…

The first point I’d like to make is…

I’d like to begin by…

Many people think that…

Some people say/claim…

Why do some people believe…

However, if that is the case, then why…


Introducing     Advantages:

In  the first place…

The main advantage is that you are free to…

There is no one else to…

Then there is…

What’s  more….

Another adavantage is that


On the other hand


Another  disadvantage is

Last  but not least…


In conclusion  ( I believe that)

To sum up, there are arguments

However, in my view


Check your essay: which of the statements are true about your essay?

·        I have answered the question

·        The sentences and organization are clear and logical

·        Arguments are followed by reasons and examples

·        Both sides of the argument are given equal treatment

·        It is clear what I think by the end

·        The style is consistent and neutral

·        I have checked : length, grammar, spelling, punctuation and linking expressions


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