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Wiki - creating a memory of your classroom

by Teemu Leinonen, Hans PƵldoja — last modified 2011-12-01 16:43 Share

Wikis are website you can edit. In each page of a wiki website there is an "edit" button you may click to get a form to make changes to the page. In a wiki website you may also create new pages and link pages. All these functions are made very simple for the users.

In addition to the wiki web pages wikis has a discussion pages where one can talk about the content of the actual page.

For your classroom you can start a wiki and use it as a place to document study projects and things related to the class. With many wikis you can make it private so that only you, your class and for instance the parents of the pupils may access it.

Here is an example table of content of a school class wiki:

Front page with the latest news.

  1. Pupils and teachers
  2. Events and meetings
  3. Field trips
  4. Study projects
  5. Class rules
  6. Wiki rules
  7. News archive

When using a wiki for informing and managing collaboratively the activities of you classroom you will same time build a memory of the class. In a wiki it is easy to archive old projects. Also all the changes ever made to the wiki are saved so even if you do not make archiving the system will remember that has happen in there.


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