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by Tarmo Toikkanen, Noah Cabiac, Teemu Leinonen, David Groos, NĂ¡dori Gergely, Katrin Saks — last modified 2012-01-10 10:40 Share

Wikis are collaborative text writing tools. They are one of the archetypical services of the interactive web, the other being [blogs]. A wiki consists of web pages that are editable by multiple people. Each page contains a history of edits, making it easy to revert changes if someone makes a mistake or vandalizes a page. LeMill is a wiki, as is Wikipedia.

Wiki services

WikiSpaces is a service that you can used to create your own wikis. They can be used for example to support a collaborative effort being carried out during a course. If you want your wiki to be private, then there is a cost, but setting up a public wiki is free.

pbwiki basic service is free but if you want premium service, you can pay $10/month.

Wikidot is another wiki-farm . Wikidot offers a free upgrade to 'educational status' to qualifying wikis which includes some premium features like unlimited members and 5GB of storage.


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Posted by mironini at 2013-01-15 21:19
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