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Activity 3 «Working with outside experts"

by Virginija Birenienė — last modified 2011-04-26 09:51
group: iTEC (Innovative Technologies for an Engaging Classroom)

Students get additional or deepening knowledge from an out-of-school expert of a relevant field.

Learning outcomes




Reasons for using technology


Required time


Teacher and students identify experts, prepare a project introduction and possible questions for the experts. 

Students contact the experts by telephone, voip call, visit, e-mail or letter.

Students, teacher and expert agree on the involvement of the expert in the exercise or teamwork activity, such as that the expert is available for interviewing, giving support in form of assessment co-development, or feedback. The expert may be involved in defining the assessment criteria (see activity 5).

Students may visit the expert at his working location to gather more information (see activity 2).

The students, the teacher and the expert collaboratively decide on how their communication can happen during the project

  1. E-mail conversation
  2. Skype calls
  3. Online blog or wiki space documentation and feedback discussion by way of commenting functions.


Technology support

Skype, e-mail, regular phones, letters, LinkedIn

Technical details




experts, collaboration, voip, call, Skype



cycle 1, scenario, itec


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