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Lesson Plan. London Sights.

by kalipse ayvazyan — last modified 2012-11-19 16:04 Share

The Topic of the Lesson

London Sights.



Kalipse Ayvazyan                                                                                                                                                                           

Integrated Subjects


English and CD track35


Pupil’s Profile


The 6th grade,20 pupils


Lessons Aim and Results

Reading.Listening.Writing.                                                                                                                                            Children must read,understand and practice new vocabulary on the poster; read, understand and practice reading the text;          answer oral comprehension questions.Children must re-read’’A Trip on the Thames’’then:Answer true or false statements and correct; match words to pictures;find the odd out; match descriptions to buildings;complete sentences with prepositions.Use a ball and a box to play a Prepositions game.                                                                                                  Result of the lesson:Children have learned new words;more informations about London,about the Monument and the London Eye.They have learned that the bell is heavier than two elephants(13,500 kilos);that the name of the enormous wheel is the London Eye;they have learned about the Clock Tower-Big Ben.   

Initial Knowledge

Children can do grammar exercises correctly.They know enough words,they can read and  understand the text or the dialogue.They know that the capital of Great Britain is London,the name of the river in London is Thames.

During the Lesson

Greeting. Check the homework.To have general summary.Point to the poster,read out the title.Give the class a moment or two to look.Point to the defferent buildings,read the name,show the word card.Class reads and says the word then show flashcards and children name the buildings. Presentation, Ask about the buildings on the poster.Which building looks the oldest?newest?most interesting? Children listen the text’’A Trip on the Thames’’on CD track35 and follow in their books.After that the teacher must read the text to the class,help children to find new words and explain new words.Make up extra sentences for new words.Ask questions about each paragraph.Give reading practice around the class.Ask individuals,groups or the class to read sentences or paragraphs.Ask a volunteer to read the first sentence. Elicit true or false.Check the class agrees.Children write,continue with the other sentences.Encourage the children to scan the text to check answers.Ask children to correct the false sentences orally.Children write the false sentences correctly. Then children play a game.After that teacher gives the homework,make sure they understand the tasks.


Give individual marks.


Poster,CD,flashcards,word cards,Student’s Book,Workbook,chalkboard,chalk,pen,pencil,papers.


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